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Ishq Forever & Direct Ishq – 1st Weekend Box Office Report

Too many movies seemed churning out last Friday, which really made things difficult for each other. These include two similar kind of films releasing with same theme called Ishq Forever, but the film seemed pitted under the other big releases called Neerja and Loveshudda as well. Ishq Forever has kept the elements of sensuality alive making it as its USP, but it simply failed the film to do much better over the box office.

As per reports, the first weekend box office collection of Ishq Forever tolled to around 4.0 crores, which though could be low than the Neerja and Loveshudda but has certainly kept itself up as compared to the other film Direct Ishq. Now, if you talk about this film Direct Ishq, the film enjoyed a very low kind of buzz in the media giving a very meager figure at the end of the day. Now, if you check the figures, the right from first day to the weekend, everything seemed low.

As per the reports, the first weekend box office collection for Direct Ishq tolled to around 3.5 crores, which is actually a very meager figure for sure. The experts are not expecting any kind of surge in the coming day for the obvious reasons – low promotion, low star cast and other negative elements which helped the film to suffer a lot. Thus after the week’s collection would be again the same.

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