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Is Sonam Kapoor Trying to Create a controversy like Deepika Padukone ?


Sonam Kapoor

The B Town often seems to take resort in controversies. Be it the actors or the films, they leave no stone to remain alive in news and thus doesn’t even mind creating a controversy therefore. Controversies tend to add to new life to the movies to be released or the actors to make headlines in the media. The actresses often rely on these controversies when they have their movies come near to its release for the obvious reason to mobilize the media to promote their activities and films into discussion. Hence controversies tend to go synonymous with the actors and actress in B Town. Sonam Kapoor is also known to have given too much of controversies simply to keep herself live and happening in the media.

Sonam Kapoor on a verge to create another controversy

If you check Sonam Kapoor’s recent activities in the media, she was seen trending for her butterfly designed frock photo shoot. If you check her dress it’s seems to hide the less and reveal the more, which gives the reason to the photoshoot pictures to trend in the media. Sooner or later it may be trolled over the microblogging site or any other social media platform, which will end up becoming a controversy for sure. Unlike Deepika Padukone who reacted on such photograph that ended up creating a controversy, hence Sonam Kapoor doing the same may not be a surprise for many. All you need to do is wait and watch and the controversy will definitely going to follow you.

The other controversies of Sonam Kapoor

Though Sonam Kapoor is the style icon at one end but on the other she is not less than a controversy queen too. She had made the headlines for a number of reasons. Like for instance, she made a revelation in the media that SRK doesn’t want to work with her as according to her, Shah Rukh Khan always chooses his fellow star cast. This obviously has raised eyebrows of many in the media.

Similarly, she had another controversy when she said she was offered Bahubali which she later denied about the same that she was given the script and offered a role in it but she chose to reject it. In her recent controversy, the style icon of the Bollywood said that Priyanka Chopra is better than Deepika Padukone when she was asked to comment on who’s the better actor. In fact, she could have gone diplomatic about this question but she spoke against the other and vouched to the rival making a rift between the two giving another controversy to the media.

Wrapping up

Now as we see the latest photo-shoot of Sonam Kapoor in her butterfly dress is becoming viral in the media. It is but obvious to see how the lady is inviting another controversy to erupt. Well, not too many actors would prefer to do that but with so many controversies surrounding the lady, it is but obvious to see how things can ruin for the lady in the coming days in the form of a controversy. Let’s wait and watch!

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