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Is Simi Garewal Alleging Saif as the real culprit n Blackbuck killing case?

Simi Garewal Alleging Saif

It took two decades to decide the court to announce its punishment for Salman Khan in the infamous 1998 blackbuck poaching case. After staying in the jail for two days, he was finally granted a bail by a Jodhpur court. Though he is out on bail but many of the actors in B Town feel that he is still innocent, which include his old time friend Simi Garewal who is an actress and TV host.  She also thinks that the Tiger Zinda Hai actor is innocent. She was seen tweeting about the actor saying that Salman is innocent and he is trying to save someone else for all the silly emotional reasons. She said that she is very much sure about his innocence and claimed that the real culprit is still unexposed.

She said that she is very much sure about the fact that the actor Salman Khan would not harm any animal and 20 years is a long time to shield anyone portraying himself as culprit. This tweet over the social media has created a huge buzz she kept on replying to people in the support of the actor. She went on tweeting and re-tweeting saying that it is Saif Ali Khan who is behind killing of the blackbuck. Then the people on Twitter asked Simi to talk to Salman Khan and his family so that he changes his view and talk about the incident took place in which Saif Ali Khan is the real culprit.

The actress further reiterated on the social media and said that the charitable deeds of Salman Khan are irrelevant in this case but the fact of the matter is he cannot kill the black bugs and he should not blame himself for this. Although Simi has not blamed anyone directly taking anyone’s name but if you look closely to the tweets and the way she has answered the ones having the name of Saif Ali Khan, it is clear that she is pointing fingers on him by calling Salman Khan as the real culprit. Besides, Saif and Salman Khan there were some other actors who were accused in this case including Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre. The four are acquitted and Salman is sentenced for five years.

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