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Is Salman Khan Controversies favorite child ?

Salman Khan Controversies

Though the Dabangg Super Star of Bollywood, Salman Khan, has done a lot to make up for his image of a spoiled brat, his controversies are still fresh in people’s memory. Every time the latest developments in the hit and run case of Salman Khan comes up, there are incongruous statements from witnesses. On the top of it, the actor has also been accused of bribing the witnesses in order to turn the case in his favor. Few months back , Salman was accused by a mother and daughter duo of attacking them. Every now and then, the witnesses change statements whether he was drunk on the night of the accident or not. Well, thanks to all this and much more , Salman is undoubtedly the star in India who has remained in the media glare for long for his controversies.

With his beautiful lady love Aishwarya Rai, he parted ways on a estranged note. Following this the actor was at logger heads with new comer Vivek Oberoi and Shahrukh Khan. Salman had had a brawl with Shahrukh on the sets of Chalte Chalte, in which Aishwarya was initially playing the lead. The two Khans apparently patched up but before it was long, on the night of Katrina’s Birthday party,Salman and Shahrukh once again had a fight that still hasn’t been completely settled.

Although controversies are always a part of celebrities, Salman’s share of controversies refuse to end. His involvement in the killing of endangered species BlackBug surfaces after every few months. The case also remains unsettled till date.

In January 2014, Salman performed at an event in the UP ministers’ program while the riot victims in Muzzafar nagar were in abject condition. The media carried images of his performance juxtaposing with those of the riot victims.

Time and again , he plays the mentor for new talents. But in the show Bigg Boss , of which he is the host, he provoked reactions for lobbying for Tanisha Mukherjee. He was accused of being partial towards the sister of Kajol whom he knows outside the Big Boss House. The actor then took to twitter to explain his behavior and defended himself.

Salman tops the list of the most powerful celebrity of the year. Well, if there was a list of most controversial stars, it would be difficult to beat him.

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