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Iru Mugan Movie Review


One of the movies releasing in the south Indian cinema is Iru Mugan, which is a science fiction action thriller movie. It is directed and written by Anand Shankar, which stars Vikram, Nayantara and Nithya Menen in the pivotal roles. The film was in news for making a couple of changes during the pre-production phase having different cast and procedures, while it all started it shooting in December 2015. The movie finally released today worldwide, while it is also released in Telugu. The film is produced by Shibu Thameens under the banner of Thameens Films, where in the Telugu the production is under the banner of NKR Films by the producer Neelam Krishna as acquired by Telugu rights.


The film is all about a suspended RAW agent who returns to force in order to track down the nemesis who has developed a new super drug, which intends to sell to the terrorists. If you check the earlier film of Anand Shankar, it certainly recalls the film called Vikram from KIamal Haasan. With an intelligence officer who is given the task of investigation & fooling of a nefarious plot. The mastermind behind the plot is the man who had killed his wife and is now carrying out investigation from a foreign nation. Hence the office needs to be checked having the female sidekick for saving the day. Here you find a man called Akilan called Vikram with a beard who happens to be a RAW agent who goes heads to Malaysia in order to find his love who happens to be an anarchist having a good knowledge about chemicals to take revenge of his wife Meera played by Nayanthara. For his mission he has Ayushi played by Nithya Menen a trainee officer to assist him for the case.

With Arima Nambi, the filmmaker Anand Shankar has once again feel that he has a good flair for Hollywood-ish action thrillers. On the other side, you have Iru Mugan too feels that something in Hollywood can assist to come up with. Then you have a high-concept involving a super drug, which boosts up the adrenaline and thus make any ordinary men into supermen for around five minutes. The villain in the movie happens to be an over-the-top figure that seems to have indulged into the evil acts not out of any agenda but more due to the fact that he relishes the chaos that he can easily create in the world. There is also a clever and clear kind of twist that is seen involving the lead actress of the film that seems to have inspired from the Hollywood series film – Fast & Furious 6. The characters here simply look chic and the visuals are often par in terms of sheen.

In the first half, the film is hardly deviated from the plot, possible due to the fact that he is working with a star wherein he settles down for the compromises that come along with a forced comedy by the man called Thambi Ramaiah who appears like a cop in Malaysia. He is seen sitting without any comfort and seriousness of the mission. Riythvika has played a melodramatic character that seems to have dropped in from another film. On the other side, both Akilan and Ayushi are seen finding the whereabouts of love that tend to be a pervert person who is looking out for an opportunity to take the counterpart for a ride.

Yet you can find the film working to a great extent and this is primarily due to the fact that the director has given the antagonist the role very much parallel to the ones found in the lead role. His loveis more about exploitation having loads of gimmicks in the roles that work fine in the movie and thus even goes to an extent to enthrall the audience. As the actor is seen nailing both the modulation and mannerism of this role you tend to find the movie very much alive wherever you find the character seen over the screen hence you have a reason why the second half having impossible scenes that tend to come across more engaging with the initial portions.

Rating- 3.0

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