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Irrfan Khan mourns over Dhaka Terrorist Attacks

irrfan khan heart bleeds for dhaka victims

The actor Irrfan Khan is back in news not for any other controversy but for mourning on the recent terrorist attack in Dhaka. He was though castigated for his earlier statement about Qurabani and Fasting of the Muslims by the religious leaders but this time he has genuinely come out to make things better.

Seven terrorists who were having dinner over the upscale café called Holey Artisan based at the diplomatic zone of Dhaka. A number of people were killed including the 19 year young Indian girl called Tarishi Jain, while none others from Japan origin people along with one Bangladeshi and American people lost their lives during this terrorist strike.

Irrfan Khan came on Twitter to showcase his anguish in the following fashion wherein he said he said his heart bleeds on such acts, while he expressed his words in the form of image quoting Quran how such acts are an unethical and unislamic acts. He further said, such acts give bad name to Muslims and the religion of Islam, which is known to have peace and humanity.

As per reports of the Police quoted in Dhaka Tribute that all the attackers were from Bangladesh itself who were seen in the age group of 20 to 28. As per the reports, the attackers seemed to be from well-educated and people from affluent families.

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