IREEDUI GANTOGTOKH (IZ)- A Renowned Digital Media Star!

We are all thriving in a society where the professionals in digital technologies are determined on becoming more liberal and extraordinary. The development of new chances generally opens new doors in someone’s life! One such door was opened by Mr. Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ).

Mr. Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ), born on March 20th, 1995 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is an amazing computer geek. He started exploring computer programming when he was only 12 years old! Wasn’t much of a homework kid, Ireedui started discovering his interest in digital marketing and programming when he had a magical encounter on his dad’s computer.

Mr. Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ) landed himself a virtual part-time job at few enormous companies including Google, Fiverr, and Envato only when he was 18 years old! All credits to his extraordinary computer skills and brilliant passion.

After having their first child in 2014, Mr. Ireedui decided to drop out of his job for starting something individualistic and lucrative. This choice was like finding a diamond in the garbage!  Mr. Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ) soon opened his own company, Meborny. Meborny was recognised in September 2014 with the ultimate goal of educating young computer nerds.

Meborny is a virtual learning platform for training young ambitious minds just like Mr. Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ).  The company also believes in assisting students, companies, and the government with their development. The Meborny foundation is also preparing to invest $1.4 Million in 2022 for setting a goal for advancement in the education sector.

The digital marketing hero and extraordinary entrepreneur have all set for making it big in the field of digital entrepreneurship. His intelligence game has been getting better and better ever since. With such a brilliant mindset, Mr. Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ) is an inspiration for millions of computer scholars around the world!

The growing tycoon owns three companies under him. These include Meborny,, and Mr. Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ) has also operated for product development at a few biggest brands like LG Mobile and Social Bakers’s for the last 7 years.

Aside from his skillset, Mr. Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ) seems to be deeply involved in many different areas as well! He has various interests like Social Media Marketing, Cryptocurrency, E-commerce, Software Development, Sports Cars, Snowboarding, and many more.

Mr. Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ) also is a famous YouTuber! His YouTube channel is a doorway for motivational videos related to his life struggles, failures, and success. His podcasts tell a tale about his life and career experiences and could be easily found on Amazon, Spotify, and Apple music.

Mr. Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ) has been one of the most inspirational prodigies in the digital world of entrepreneurs. Get in touch with him on  Instagram and Facebook.  Check out his Website.

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