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International Men’s Day: “Toxic Masculinity”- Unhealthy stereotypes about men we need to break

International Men’s Day is celebrated every year on November 19 where we all get a chance to
acknowledge the contribution every man makes not just in a family but in our society as a whole.

The day is dedicated to people who play an important role in improving the lives of others through their love, respect, encouragement and support. It promotes mental health and well-being for every man out there. But, what feels weird here is the subject of ‘Toxic Masculinity’ that adversely affects many men in this world.

So What’s Toxic Masculinity?

Have you ever heard the definition of the term ‘Mard’ from people around you? Our culture has embedded some beliefs that define men in a way that affects their physical and mental health rather than letting them stay strong.

Whether we like it or not, we are constantly flooded with these stereotyped opinions forcing us to follow them. Since the day we are born, we are fed with such thought processes about how a man should be.

“Blue colour is for guys, Pink colour is for girls.”
“You shouldn’t avoid fights, real men show their strength in battle.”

These gender stereotypes are ingrained into our culture and backed by our families, society as well as media. These unhealthy stereotypes that often adversely affect men form a part of ‘Toxic Masculinity

Today, Let’s look at some of the traits of Toxic Masculinity embedded in our society:

  • A man should be self-sufficient. Real men shouldn’t talk about their issues, nor they should ask for help. Otherwise, they are WEAK. They should figure out and resolve their problems themselves.
    Ps. Everyone needs help and support at times irrespective of their gender.


  • Acting tough: A guy shouldn’t show his weakness. Dude, even men are humans and have a right to show their strengths and weakness. Why do we have to suppress our emotions?


  • Physical attractiveness. Well, we can’t invest all our time in looking good and ignore other work.


  • Men shouldn’t do household chores and their focus should be only on supporting their family financially. Let me tell you, many chefs are also male.


  • Men can always use violence against their partners and have all the right to decide things in their relationship. But wait, equality counts these days.


Despite some amount of improvement in recent years, we still need to put efforts to eradicate such messages from our society that support these incorrect, stereotypes. Even today many claims to receive negative & stereotyped opinions defining men.

On this International Men’s day, let’s pledge to speak out and fight against such gender stereotypes that we all face at times.

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Suryaprakash Singh


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