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Inside the world of Piku

piku characters

The trailer of much awaited movie Piku directed by Shoojit Sirchar is a quirky family comedy, which is gaining good response with every passing day over the social media platforms. Recently, the director was seen sharing about the story of the film and the characters along with their eccentricities that are seen performing over the silver screen. Let’s check the characters as under:

Piku: It is a character played by Deepika Padukone who is among the talented actress in B Town. Of late, she has performed the best over the silver screen while performing a number of characters in the recently released movies. Now, talking about the character of Piku, she lives her life on her own terms but still seen stick to things that matters her the most. These things are nothing but her family especially her dad. The movie discusses about the roller coaster ride when one encounters on a daily life especially when it comes from her father.

Baba: This character is played by the mega star Amitabh Bachchan, which is known as Baba or Bhashkor Banerjee which is really an awe inspiring character. This man is like a child and usually looks out for opportunities to experiment something new in his life, in which he sees any merit. He is a retired man who is busy in a number of aged stubborn issues. He s known as dramatic, stubborn and is known to embark with his own issues. He has very much specific but some unconventional ideologies, likes and dislikes, which simply end up differing with his daughter Piku.

Rana: The character of Rana is restrained yet is very much comic in nature. This is played by Irrfan Khan, who is known for his finest acting skills. Time and again he has proved himself to be an ace actor not in the domestic films but also in a number of global projects. In fact, he was the one who was approached the first to act in Piku. He plays the character of a nobody to Banerjee family yet is seen entangling into a number of issues of the same. He owns a taxi service, which is being availed by Piku a lot.

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