Influencer Kuldeepsinh Jadeja Is Making Waves For His New App, Talks About His Future Plans

Kuldeepsinh Jadeja is a big name in Gujarat. He goes synonymous with what we call hard work and smart work. He owns Ashapuras – a leading name in the field of construction, salt works, mining and minerals, farming, hospitality, transport, trading and shipping and much more. He hails from Kutch, Gujarat and is making a significant change by the use of digital media. Doing quality work over quantity work has been his company’s main motto and he has a staff of all age groups who work dedicatedly to achieve the best results.

However, this Gujarati man is an internet personality who is taking digital space to a new level. It is believed that he is planning to start his own app called ‘Ashapuras’ which will have everything under one roof. Right from the best places in Gujarat to buy properties to the online assistance of transportation services, the app aims to focus on everything. Moreover, his farming venture will also get into the digital space. Kuldeepsinh plans to make all the fruits and vegetables just a click away. It means it would be easy for the people of the adjoining areas to order fruits and veggies online.

While talking about it he said, “Being a Gujarati, my mind is purely money-minded. Keeping that in mind, I researched how the digital medium has done wonders in recent times. That’s when I thought to create an app which will make people’s life easy by having access to everything by just a single click. Hopefully, if all goes well, we will start functioning it by early next year.” With such huge plans, Kuldeepsinh Jadeja is surely going to make a huge wave in the days to come.

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