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India’s Most Wanted Review : When Courage Dared to Roar

Indias Most Wanted Review

Movie – India’s Most Wanted Review :

Director – Raj Kumar Gupta
Star Cast – Arjun Kapoor, Rajesh Sharma, Prashanth Alexander, and Shantilal Mukherjee
Genre – Thriller
Producer– Raj Kumar Gupta and Myra Karn
Production Studio – Fox Star Studios and Raapchik Films
Writer– Raj Kumar Gupta
Cinematography – Dudley
Running time – 123 minutes
Rating – 3.5

The film is inspired by some real incidents where we can see five men with no political backing or resources led by the cop Arjun Kapoor called Prabhat pledge to nab the most dreaded terrorist in the country. They intend to nab him without any external support or weapons, so, will they be able to do this and how, that’s interesting to catch over the silver screen close to you.




India's Most Wanted
This time, the Raid fame director Raj Kumar Gupta decided to go simple keeping away the cast from the fancy cars and resources that remain the part of such films. He was able to create a group that remained extraordinary to nab the criminal with their will power and commitment. While the filmmaker has shown some audacious work inspired by the real incidents catching the dreaded terrorist from IM called Yusuf, he also exposed the loopholes in the current system. The film also showcased the tough conditions in which the agents operate. However, the film has shown some low-key portrayal of an undercover operation apart from being a dual sword edge.

The dramatization in the film seems low as far as the content is concerned, which has somewhere hampered the entertainment value. So, what keeps the audience glued is the audacity of the agents in the covert operation. Now, talking about the performances, Arjun Kapoor did a decent job but was not able to engage in the entire film with his performance. The others also had a similar impact on the film. Talking about the other elements, we have decent music, screenplay, dialogues, editing, and photography. These elements did help to boost up the entertainment value of the film.

India’s Most Wanted – The Last Word

The crime drama has the potential to engage the audience despite some shortcomings. The director has managed to give a decent watch this weekend without seeking the help of some weird item numbers, jingoism and female character glamour.

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