India's Most Wanted And PM Narendra Modi
India’s Most Wanted And PM Narendra Modi

This Friday witnessed two film releases – India’s Most Wanted and PM Narendra Modi. Both the film did similar business as expected, now let’s see how things moved for the film starting with the Arjun Kapoor starrer movie. It was lazy start for India’s Most Wanted as the film was reported with the occupancy of 12-20 per cent in single screens, while the Multiplexes canceled the morning shows to avoid low footfall. However, as day passed, the evening show witnessed a decent occupancy report escalating the collection at the box office.

The film performed the same way as expected. As per reports, the 1st-day box office collection for India’s Most Wanted reached around 3.5 Crores, which was somewhere the same figure as predicted by most of the critics and trade experts. Now, let’s look the PM Modi Biopic’s business at the box office. The buzz was average and the film started on an average note scoring a low figure at the box office on the first day. Despite a good amount of screens, the film did fail to attract the audience.

It seems that even the thumping majority of BJP in the recently announced results of the Lok Sabha Elections has not helped the film to perform at the box office. The film started with a meager occupancy report of 10-15 per cent and it went high to some extent but did not impress the audience. Also, the average rating by most of the critics failed to deliver a decent collection at the box office. As per reports, the 1st day box office of PM Narendra Modi was around 2.75 Crores. The figures at the first weekend would remain similar and same would be the story of Arjun Kapoor starrer film.