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Made in Heaven to His Storyy, Indian web series that perfectly portray complex LGBT relationships

Indian web series bring a plethora of entertaining, binge-worthy shows for all viewers who are film enthusiasts. After movies, web series have emerged as one of the most entertaining offerings for moviegoers who seek fresh and interesting content.

From Made in Heaven to His Story, there is a wide range of choices if you are an LGBTQ or LGBT-friendly person looking for similar content to watch. Characters from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community are no longer mocked by Indian storytellers. With the passage of time and a more politically aware culture, filmmakers have begun to treat the LGBT population with greater respect.

Storytellers are not only making room for these individuals but also producing engaging narratives about them to educate people about their existence. We now have adult LGBT personalities who also have great love stories.

We chose several incredibly significant Indian web series that dealt with same-sex relationships with immense maturity.

Have a look at some Indian web series on same-sex relationships

Made in Heaven
A homosexual man, played by Karan Mehra, is struggling with debts and personal conflicts, and his identity is far removed from the stereotypical unfair beliefs that Indian filmmakers have ever presented. Even after being aware of the embarrassment that comes with his sexuality in his daily life, he doesn’t feel any pressure. The climax will make you believe in love when he finally meets his childhood sweetheart, played by Vikrant Massey. Vikrant appears in the series in a short cameo role is this Indian web series.

The Married Woman
This series, starring Monica Dogra and Ridhi Dogra in the lead roles, portrays the story of a lesbian couple. Based on Manju Kapur’s popular novel, Married Woman tells the story of two married women, Astha and Peeplika, who are in search of their true identities. Amid this, the two find each other struggling with religious, sexual, and political hindrances in the 1990s.

His Storyy
His Story is the story of Kunal, a married, openly gay man, and Preet, a free-spirited bird, who love each other and have been in a secret relationship for a long time. Things take a drastic turn when Kunal’s wife, Sakshi, learns about their affair. Many closeted and so-called family men who lack the courage to open up about their sexuality will be able to relate to Ekta Kapoor’s story.

Satyadeep Mishra as Kunal and Mrinal Dutt as Preet have done an outstanding job of portraying gay characters, although they are heterosexual in real life. Priyamani, also known as Sakshi, was also amazing as a typical married, loyal woman whose world revolves around her family and kids. This is one of the best and realistic Indian web series on closeted gay men I have ever watched.

Romil and Jugal
Well, all of us are aware of this sweet, funny, lovey-dovey yet romantic gay series on Alt Balaji. A gay version of Romeo and Juliet, “Romil and Jugal” is the love story of a Punjabi playboy named Romil and a shy Tamil guy named Jugal. What happens when their love is revealed in front of constantly arguing families and a narrow-minded society? The series depicts an LGBT relationship with utmost maturity, a pinch of humour, and lots of twists to keep you hooked.

All about Section 377
“All About Section 377” is an eight-part LGBT series that has been crafted with a mission to smash people’s stereotypical beliefs about the LGBT community. This Creative Gypsy-produced series will introduce you to the real world of the LGBTQIA community.

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