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Indian scientist explains the reasons of not drinking Coke

Though a most of the drink is liked my many people all over the world, but the Indian scientist have given a couple of reasons of not drinking the same. As per their research, they have embarked with some lethal findings, which compels us to stop for the drinks. As per the reports, the first 10 minutes of consumption can add sugar level in your blood giving vomiting tendency and increasing the intake of phosphoric acid cuts in it your body.

After 20 minutes of consumption the blood sugar of the body is seen spiking insulin burst converting the sugar into fat. The caffeine absorption often takes 40 minutes to digest, which rises the blood pressure and dump sugar into the bloodstream. As per reports, more than 1.6 billion people in the world consume Coke on a daily basis. If you really care your heart, mind and your health then say no to these coke bottles or else you could be taken for a ride.

Manoj L


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