Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Ind-Pak T20 Match: Qandeel Baloch Stunning Dance after India won

Qandeel Baloch

It’s being so many years or I would say couple of decade, since we as an Indian and Pakistan are still.. Indeed are still in a state of a battle whose winning trophy is always been the controversial factor for all the people from both the sides isn’t? But despite we have seen some compromising decisions in many aspects however there results always been diplomatic, so as to keep the fire inside the hearts as it is. Moreover one of the toughest and closest aspects is nothing but the ‘Cricket’ which is always been a controversial fire all over the B town and yes a couple of hours back when we won the T20 match which was against Pakistan.

Winning a match is always enjoyment for all of us but winning against Pak is something which not even me but also the entire B town can never express. On the other hand there are some people who reside in Pakistan but still they breathe for ‘India’ and one of them is none other than a former actress in green land ‘Qandeel Baloch’, an actress who have expressed her feeing of excitement via a lovely cum stunning dance that will surely make you groove like anything, why don’t you have a look this below…

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