Incredible Journey of Nishu Gupta in Becoming a Successful Fashion Influencer

Nishu Gupta has come from a small town of India named Orai in Uttar Pradesh (UP) where girls were excluded in taking higher education and were forcefully married at a young age. Nishu had fought with her family and convince them for higher education in 2007. Out of the odds, she was able to move Delhi to pursue higher education. With immense dedication to follow her passion, she started working with a low paying job at a Telecom Company.

But destiny didn’t make a way right for Nishu. She was unable to speak in English as she was from a school where English was not taught as a subject. She was very much hesitant communicating in the job interviews since Basic English communication is a must thing everywhere. Thus, her struggle started again. She began to learn the language that she was never acquainted earlier.

Nishu didn’t look back thereafter. She stepped into Digital Media and joined a Digital Marketing Company in Delhi. With her immense hard work she was able to secure a satisfying job position in Quality Analysis Department in 2015. With her keen interest in social media marketing, she soon learned more about social media and its wonders. She then started using it for other promotions being done by the company.

Her positive attitude and hard work paid her as she began to get better with each social media platforms, especially Facebook & Instagram where she started getting fame within no time.

She married her partner in 2017 and created a social media agency with him. The company now provides all the digital marketing services where Nishu handles the social media department with brands, celebrities and influencer approaches her for their growth. Isn’t that a fascinated yet inspiring journey?

Advice for the budding Influencers

Nishu says, “Influencer marketing has now become a crucial tool for the brands to reach their desired target audiences. With the advent in technological things, Internet has become not only an important tool for big brands but also for the newer companies.”

Here are some tips that Nishu wants to share with budding influencers to become successful.

  • Try to Keep sponsored posts content in contrast to your niche and rather just posting the picture of product, it must be posted with original pictures.
  • “Content is the key towards success”. Content which is useful in practical life would work better than the fake ideas and cannot actually be implemented in real life like wearing same clothes in different ways might appear to be great content idea, but since it wouldn’t help people apply it practically the same in their real life, it would be a turn off. Use of more practical ideas would be more appreciable.
  • Too many sponsored posts can become a big turn off as it wasn’t something why your followers originally followed you. Sponsored posts shouldn’t make your feed appear like an advertisement as a whole but it should only be a part of your feed. Influencers are no more influential enough due to too much sponsored content which is a turnoff for most people.
  • Repeated captions or copying them from other bigger celebrities/influencers is another turnoff, it must be self-created and should be as relevant as it can be whether a one liner or a whole 100 words caption.
  • Best advice ever, if anything that would make you succeed with either social media, or life, or anything else it’s about keep moving and never give up, the time you give up is when success was waiting for you at next step.

Are you all agreeing with what Nishu Gupta has explained? Well, these are the tips to become a successful Fashion Influencer.
“If you dare, you WIN” well, this would be the Mantra Nishu Gupta implemented in her life, Hats off to the Girl!

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