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In the presence of Shah Rukh Khan, Sameer Wankhede slapped Aryan Khan in jail? Here’s the truth!

We’ve been hearing some alarming news about Aryan Khan in the last several days. According to claims circulating on the internet, NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede slapped Aryan in the presence of Shah Rukh Khan. This rumour has gotten a lot of varied comments, and many people aren’t sure if it’s true. So let us dissect the occurrence and present you with the facts.

Aryan is currently in judicial detention, as we all know. According to reports, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are in frequent contact with NCB officials to monitor Aryan’s health. The slapping incident is believed to have occurred during one of these calls.

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According to viral allegations, Shah Rukh Khan inquired about Aryan’s health during one of his calls to NCB. Sameer Wankhede, on the other end of the line, smacked Aryan and told Shah Rukh that if he had done this (slapping) to his son when he was younger, he would not have grown up to be such a spoilt brat now.

The incident is really distressing, but is there any truth behind it? No, we believe. And here’s why we believe the incident is a fabrication.

If something like this happens in today’s age of aggressive media, it immediately makes its way into mainstream media. For instance, allegations of Aryan Khan consuming Parle-G biscuits have previously surfaced. As a result, acts like slapping would have already made the front pages.

Another crucial issue to note is that Aryan has not been subjected to physical abuse by the magistrate. Even if such an occurrence occurred despite not having permission to engage in physical contact, the defence lawyer would have brought it up in court and cornered NCB by now.

As a result, the slapping incident has been proven to be nothing more than a rumour.


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