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In ‘Jai Shri Krishna’, the girl played the character of ‘Kanha’, the audience was impressed with the charming smile

Dhriti Bhatia

Old television serials are being rebroadcast amidst lockdowns across the country. In which people are showing more interest in watching mythological serials. In view of which serials like Mahabharata, Ramayana and Shri Krishna are being broadcast once again. These include a re-telecast of the Colors television serial ‘Jai Shri Krishna’. With its broadcast, the audience has once again remembered the small ‘Kanha’.

Do you know that in the year 2008 television serial ‘Jai Shri Krishna’, the character of Lord Shri Krishna was played by a girl. The name of this girl who convinces people with her charming smile is Dhriti Bhatia. The re-telecast of Jai Shri Krishna on television reminds viewers of Dhriti once again.

She was just three years old when Dhriti played the role of Shri Krishna on the small screen. Dhriti was well liked by the audience. People used to wait for her arrival on TV. People were very fond of this Krishna form. Even Dhriti’s innocent smile is still in people’s minds today. But Dhriti has now grown up and according to the old photographs she is also a little difficult to identify.

Dhriti has grown up now but her innocence is still intact in the same way. Dhriti is focusing on her studies away from television these days. Although pictures of Dhriti keep coming on social media. Dhriti’s social media account is not verified, so it is a little difficult to say that this is her real profile. There are many accounts on Instagram in the name of Dhriti, due to which it is a bit difficult to identify his real account.

Significantly, the serial in which Dhriti played the role of Shri Krishna was made by Moti Sagar, son of Ramanand Sagar. Apart from this serial, she was seen in Barun Sobti and Shanaya Irani’s serial ‘Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon’. Along with this, Dhriti also played Matarani in the ‘Mata Ki Chowki’ serial.

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