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In A Country Like India, Bollywood Is A Religion & Gossip is Sacred – Aamir Texting Saif for Sacred Game Deets is Oh So Relatable

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Aamir Khan is just like us in so many ways. He couldn’t control his curiosity after he finished watching Sacred Games and he texted Saif directly and we can’t help but #relate. He’s Aamir Khan, he doesn’t need to wait a year for the details we’re all so desperate for. So, he just picked up the phone and called the protagonist, hoping that he’d forget about an NDA he definitely signed and spill all the beans for Aamir to enjoy. However, Sarjat Singh said nothing at all and that just gives us more reason to respect him for his dedication towards his craft and the NDA – *cough cough* 


When asked about this, Saif said –  “You know, Aamir Khan sent me a text and he is someone whose opinion I respect and whose mind I admire when it comes to movies, and he said I want to talk to you so, you know, I called him back and he said, ‘Listen who’s this Trivedi guy? …Is he dead? …What happened?’ And he had all these questions which I couldn’t answer.” Take Varun Dhawan, for example. Saif added, “I remember Varun Dhawan was all praises for the show and rang up. A lot of people rang up, so that was nice,” in addition to the many others who showed their appreciation to the Dil Chahta Hai actor. 


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Seems like even with celebrity status and multiple Bollywood connections, it still makes for a disappointed Aamir. He wasn’t the only one, though. You’d think that all the famous Bollywood folk who know Taimur’s dad would be on Saif’s call waiting list and that’s pretty much what happened. This is typical millennial behaviour despite the actors not fitting the age bracket. You can gauge the extent to which the Internet has taken over our lives when you see people not being able to wait for the next season of their favourite show, and pulling out all the stops to find out the tiniest of spoilers. Or when you start watching a show wayyy later than your best friends, and they already know what happens four episodes down and you don’t. It’s like battling your inner demons to find out what happens next while stopping yourself from ruining the ending. Since we’re suckers for Netflix and good shows, we totally and completely relate. How many times do you get to watch some quality desi content that isn’t some form of a Naagin or listed under the soft porn category? In recent times, perhaps quite a few but still overall not that many. 


Plus, Sacred Games is what started this Renaissance and we’re hooked. We can’t wait for more content that’s even remotely on this level. 

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