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Imtiyaz Ali reveals the story of his next venture Tamasha

tamasha movie

The Imtiyaz Ali movie called Tamasha has been making headlines since it was discussed the first time in the media. The Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer film is being shot and you could have noticed a number of movie stills have been in circulation over the social media sites. This has simply created loads of speculation about the movie in the media people discussing about its plot, however, the real story is now being shared by the director himself. Instead of giving a plain backdrop of the movie, the director has aesthetically has shared things in a verse.

Imtiyaz Ali said that the lead actor (male) is a small town guy who has been brought up living in different stories and loves to remain in his world. He is not at all fit to compete in the tough life of corporate world. The actress on the other side takes all the pain to groom the guy by infusing confidence in him and reminding him to be the same at heart but change on other things. Amidst all his transmission, the guy is seen entering the stage for Tamasha. The journey is personal, quirky and passionate, which dismantles the life of this guy, which can further make him an enthusiastic story teller.

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