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I’m glad people are appreciating “One Night Stand” my upcoming movie, tells Tanuj Virwani.



  1. Film’s teaser of “One Night Stand” has caught a lot of eye balls what do you have to say on it?


Ans: Well I’m glad people are appreciating it. The entire team has put this film out with a lot of hard work and sincerity. Also I would like to add that there is a lot more going on in the film apart from the so called ‘bold scenes’


  1. How has acting with Sunny Leone been?

Ans: She has been the most wonderful kind gracious and big hearted costar I have worked with. Not for a minute was I made to feel like a newcomer and her like a star, we have a good rapport and it certainly helps in bringing out the best out of each other


  1. What are your expectations from this film?

Ans: I hope it is both critically and commercially appreciated. There is a message that we wish to convey via this film and I hope that comes through and gets people thinking on it with a great posetive change.


  1. Your last two films did not really do well in terms of box office collection hence is it a conscious effort to choose such a film that automatically catches eyeballs and arouses curiosity?


Ans: Nothing like that, I won’t lie! I was quite upset by the subsequent failures of my first two films especially “Purani Jeans” but it is a tough industry and you have to rough it out. I tested for this film, the producers thought I was one and that’s how it happened. There was no conscious effort. At the end of the day a film has to work on its own merits not just because of its controversial or bold nature.


  1. What next for you?

Ans: I haven’t signed anything as yet. There are few interesting offers but I don’t want to rush into something until I’m convinced.


  1. Your short film with Akshara Hassan has been doing the round lately has direction always been something you’ve looked at? Ans: Yes direction is the reason why I’m a part of the industry in the first place. I stared as an assistant director so that I could become a director. Acting happened by accident. I make a lot of abort films to keep myself fresh and I will definitely take it up in the future


  1. Whose a better actress Sunny Leone or Akshara Hassan?

Ans: I think they both have their individual spaces and it would be unfair for me to judge. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

  1. Tell us something about Tanuj? Something we don’t know about you.

I’m a paradox. On one hand I’m a completely outgoing guy very extrovert but I’m also fiercely protective about my individuality and can be quite the introvert as well. Also I love collecting movie props and comic books limited editions.


  1. Last year owing to family issues has been rather troublesome for you have things settled down now?


Ans: Yes by the grace of God things are a lot better. Tough times don’t last tough people do. We stuck it out as a family and we still stand united that’s what matters.


  1. Do we see more of you here on?

Ans: Yes that’s the plan. I want to die with my makeup and costume on.


  1. What’s your equation with your mom do you take professional advice from her? How has she reacted to your movie teaser?

Ans: She’s my best friend . I seek her advice only if I’m really not sure about something but not on a daily basis. She is in Europe so I sent her the link she says I have grown as an actor and that the teaser looks intriguing .


Way to go Tanuj…

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