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If not a model, here’s what Kelly Apraez had thought of her alternate career plan!

All those who are active Instagram users must be aware of the sensational diva Kelly Apraez. Is there anyone who doesn’t know the fabulous influencer? The 19-year-old social media icon enjoys an enviable fanbase of more than a million followers. With her bold posts and sartorial prowess, Kelly is a person you ought to follow on social media.

On several occasions, Kelly has made everyone go gaga over her. Thanks to her hotness quotient the influencer has created a storm over the web space. She is just 19, and fans can’t help but wonder if she always wanted to be a social media influencer or if she had other plans. Believe it or not, this stunning diva wanted to be a veterinarian.

Speaking about an alternative career plan, Kelly revealed that she has always liked animals and wanted to be a veterinarian. “I am fond of animals, and I am against the practices of animal cruelty. Also, I believe in conserving the environment to make the habitats of animals a better place to live in.”

Now isn’t that adorable? Kelly Apraez has been a part of the modelling industry for a while now and has thoroughly understood what it takes to be a popular model. While it seems like a glamorous job to us, Kelly is certain that it is like any other normal job.

The model further adds, “It’s a normal job. I am passionate about it, and I put in a lot of hard work. Moreover, I am very dedicated and want to build on it.” Speaking about the advantages of being a model, she further added, “I don’t feel that there are any advantages compared to how I lived before but now I am a little better known.”

Apart from her full-time career as an Instagram star, reports claim that Kelly Apraez has signed on various collaborations which she will announce soon. Other than this, she has reportedly teamed up with international brands and fashion designers for runways, beauty pageants and fashion shows.

It would be right to say that you have to be living under a rock to not know the glamorous Kelly Apraez. To know more about the stunning model, check out her Instagram page ‘@kelly_apraezz’.

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