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‘I used to be very, very conscious of my body and I still am, Athiya Shetty on body shaming

Body Shaming is the worst you can do to a person. It literally tears down your confidence and you start doubting yourself. Recently Athiya Shetty talked about everything she had to face since childhood. 

Recalling her memories, she said, “Yes I have fallen into the category of body shaming when I was young. People need to realize that body-shaming is not only associated with being overweight but also being skinny. I have always believed that commenting on someone’s weight, appearance or anything that can make them less confident is something that is inappropriate.”

Talking about her healing process, she said, “I used to be very, very conscious of my body and I still am, but I am a lot better because I am a lot more confident about myself and who I am as a person today.”

Speaking about the notion of beauty in society, she said, “There are so many false adjectives of beauty. I think it is scary because you see so many people wanting to look the same way and because of social media it is also starting from a very young age which is sad.”

The actress shared that flaws are a mark of being human and there’s nothing wrong with imperfections, “Being imperfect is your own perfect, it is important to help society understand that not everyone is the same so I think it’s more spoken about for women rather than men to have different body types. All men don’t need to be muscular and look a certain way because it is tough to sometimes be a certain way and you shouldn’t need to feel that,” she concluded.

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