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“I had already given a hint to Sushant Singh Rajput’s family about my film,” says Sanoj Mishra, director of ‘Shashank’


Sushant Singh Rajput’s unexpected death is being investigated by CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). A couple of movies have already been announced on his life. Vikas Singh, the representative of Sushant’s family came with a statement that no serial/movie/book should be made/written without the consent of his father and script being shown to him. He also cleared that if anyone goes against it, they will do it at their own risk and strict legal actions wll be taken against them.

Filmmaker Shashank Mishra had announced a movie on the actor’s life releasing a poster in which Arya Babbar is in lead role. However he was surprised by the family’s sudden statement. While talking with a news portal he said he don’t know why the family has reacted in this manner. He said he went to Patna to visit Sushant’s family when the tragic incident of his death happened. He there itself hinted them about making a film on his life. He also clarified that this isn’t a time to go to them asking them something in writing as they are suffering a tragic loss. But upon announcing this in Patna, he returned to Mumbai and started working in the project. All this time they never said anything. But after the poster was released on twitter, Shweta Singh Kriti called for a boycott.

Confused with the family’s decision, Sanoj Mishra is ready to clear the confusions with the family. He also stated “The way Sushant’s family has boycotted the movie, it is very troublesome for me. I am planning to go to Patna again and meet them to speak about this. I will inform them what my movie is about and ask them the reason for boycotting it. I would like to clear everything with them.” Sanoj’s decision of making a movie on his life has resulted in a lot of trolling on social media. He says the kind of response he is getting now is very disturbing. He says that they could have talked to him earlier and then made a statement. ” My intention is to give a good social message and I have no plans of including his personal life in my movie. I have been in this industry for 25 years and I just want to give a message to those who wish to enter Bollywood. I am actually in the support of and standing with Sushant.” he added further.

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