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I am “Muslim – Hindu” Salman Khan Depicted At Jodhpur High Court

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Hold on we won’t come quickly to the point, but will create some sort of spiciness amongst the fans and readers. Can you tell me, don’t you think at some point of time, casteism is still impacting a toughest part of Humanity? I guess some of you might have noticed it, however if we talk in general then almost 90% of people are dominating to their respective caste. I know it’s really strange to hear but in the end it’s a bitter truth that we an Indian is swallowing this like anything, hope this could be resolved one day. Coming on to the topic for which we are actually here for is all about the one n only star of Bollywood with his stunning personality, none other than ‘Salman Khan.

As soon as you heard his name, tell me the very next thing that might have clicked to your mind was all about his sizzling case ‘Hit n Run’ don’t you? But, this time it’s surely not the case, as if the dashing super star seems be in big trouble since few days back. But, who says that he’s worried for the results? He’s often named as ‘One Man Army’ who’s always ready with his answers especially for the people who’re always on track to push him down but, in the end it’s our ‘Sallu Bhai’ who’s in a mood to explores something really interesting and something that will make all of us proud of him.

So, guess what today he was at the Jodhpur court today for the arms act case hearing. However, the thing that really impressed all of us was his heart breaking statements have a look, as per the sources “Chief Judicial Magistrate Anupama Bijlani quizzed Salman for the court procedures. He asked the actor his name, father’s name and caste amongst other details, which were to be mentioned in the court’s form. And the actor put some serious thought into his response and said after a brief pause, “Hindu and Muslim” – As per the sources.

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