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I am fairly young and new as compared to other people, tells Actor Vivek Dahiya.

Actor Vivek Dahiya is one dapper hunk of Telly Ville. The actor who is currently seen portraying the character of ACP Abhishek in Star Plus’s Yeh Hai  Mohabbatein, seems to be enjoying his reel life as well as his real-life role of being the hero in Divyanka’s life! The actor who believes in staying fit, while in an interview with us expounded on his upcoming projects, the mystery behind his fit body and also about ongoings in his life.

1. How has life changed for you post Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?
“Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has held ases for me across all spectrum’s, dimensions. This show has a bunch of finest actors in TV and they are really good and brilliant and it makes difference when you are working with these individuals every single day, it changes your outlook, your perception, your exposure towards acting, So you learn new things everyday on the job, that what I need it considering I am fairly young and new as compared to other people. Additionally and more important who would have thought that I would join this show and end up finding my life partner. I have found the one and I couldn’t be more fortunate and more lucky.”

2. What are your hobbies?
“My hobbies are generally centered around fitness, I am a outdoor person, I like to run to play outdoor sports like badminton, cricket, kickboxing. Gyming is one thing I never miss, I go to gym daily, I enjoy travelling, exploring new places. Talking to people understanding their perspective, their culture. I like to go to fine-dine restaurants specially when I am feeling low. I like to pamper my self I like shopping, I like to read, surfing internet, I love watching movies I try and watch atleast two movies a week.”

3. How’s the feeling of being committed for life?
“I suddenly feel grownup, I suddenly feel like a responsible man. I knew that this phase of my life would come in my life but everything happened so suddenly which is good for me as I am a very spontaneous person and I just go with the flow because things don’t end up really well when I plan. I am really happy in this space I can relate to people ever since I put the ring on I relate to people who are in the same situation, I connect with them and yes It’s feels good and I am very happy. I am really excited and looking forward to this journey”

4. What’s the one thing you’ve always looked for in your life partner?
“The willingness, the determination, the compassion to make it work. Each relation at some point becomes Volatile vulnerable, becomes hypersensitive. It just seems sometimes that its easier to let go rather holding on. But I think I value things the most. The one thing I have always looked for my partner that she wont give up that easily and to be together for all ups and downs.”

5. What’s new in the pipeline workwise?
“Certainly there are things in the pipeline. I won’t be able to disclose my projects as of now but the moment things get finalized I will announce it soon.”

6. Was showbiz always on your mind?
“No, I come for a corporate background but destiny took a very funny turn and I just happened  to land here. Although some how I wanted to be associated with performing arts but I never let that thought come in my mind, it always stayed back burner, I never let that thing dominate me because growing up in the city that I come from and the kind of exposure I had before I ventured out to UK. I always thought there will be too many insecurities, lack of clarity associated with this profession and I didn’t wanted to take chances and I wanted to live very secured life. It was only the passion which grew over the years until I came to India and I started working and alongside I started modelling same time a friend of mine suggested I should go to acting n move to Mumbai, give auditions and see where I land up, So I just followed my friends advice and things just started  unfolding. So everything happened very spontaneously and it was a very courageous move, now when I think about it I feel that everything happens for a reason and things have just been promising and everything is going super good.”

7. Do you think it’s important for actors to have an alternate profession?
“I feel that if you have a alternate profession or plans you will never give your 100% focus that require to each and every plan because that focus is going to be split between your other plans. I believe that if you want to be an actor you should give yourself a dedicated timeline and then just focus only on doing that, ideally I am that kind of person, I cant do 2 things at the time. So for me what matters is once you made the decision then stick to it and give your 100% to it.”

8. When’s the d day arriving?
“I have no Idea parents are taking their sweet time and we are not complaining because we are almost there anyway after you are engaged you are practically married. Its just that you need a final validation from your family and society. But we are happy and we are in no rush lets the folks decide!”

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