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“I actually not really been on big screen.” Anjana Sukhani

Anjana Sukhani
Anjana Sukhani

We haven’t seen Anjana Sukhani on the big screen for a while is this a conscious effort or not really. Actress shares, “I would say partially yes its a conscious effort because the kind of work was coming my way, was not the kind of work that I want to do,but that doesn’t mean I actually not really been on big screen. I have been with regional cinema, doing lots of Punjabi and south movies but also Hindi movies are pretty much on the annual and happening and very soon i will be seen on big screen within a couple of months.”

 When we questioned if she choosy about the films she do. Actress tells, “Yes, I am bit particular about that because I am little picky about the kind of work or roles i do and i definitely don’t do the things which i do not want to do. But if something exciting comes by which is different from what I always do, I would definitely take that up but as of now I am little choosy about the work that I am doing.” Talking about her next film. She qoutes, “Shaandar releases this October and there are couple of things more in Hindi and other regional languages and those announcements will come very soon.”

Talking about favourite passtime she adds, “I love reading books, I enjoy listening to music and I love travelling.”
“A lot of travel in terms of shows and also I am busy shooting for some regional films and like I said I am busy doing some shows as i have a very keen interest in music so these are few things which keeps me busy.” Shares actress about being keep busy off late.

Sharing fitness regime Anjana adds, “I start my day at 7 in the morning, I go workout I do Pilates an hour and I also dance  2-3 days a week, so I take care of my health and also make sure what healthy food I include in my daily diet. Its a combination of correct food and working out, that’s what fitness is for me.”

“I have always been a UK girl. UK is a beautiful country which, so London is something that I always look forward too,” she adds about herself when asked about traveling destinations.

Actress share about her upcoming projects, “As I mentioned earlier Shandaar is releasing this October.There are few things happening but as of now I cant talk much about my upcoming projects,” she shares.

Talking about regional cinema the hot looking actress shares, “Yes, I am very much open to regional cinema because I am already doing lots of work in regional cinema so I just have no Boundaries where ever I feel the correct work is coming on i just jump on that and go ahead with it either it is out of country or within the regional place like Punjabi or south films.”

Talking about thoughts on reality TV shows. Actress shares, “Honestly I don’t look down upon it or I am not against it but as of  now I don’t see myself doing something in realty TV because I am a very private person and I don’t really get open to everything. But for me it doesn’t work. But I guess like I always say never say never to anything so I guess sometimes its good to go ahead with the flow as an how the time happens.”

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