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Bhumi Pednekar hopes gender gap as in opportunities reduces

Bhumi Pednekar is a versatile actress and nevertheless a hard working human being. Year 2020 was all pack for her and the upcoming year seems the same for her to be the most viable and stable year. She shares and says – “I am starting 2021 with Badhaai Do with Rajkumamr Rao. The film comes from a very celebrated franchises and I am so excited to team up with Rajkummar and the whole team. It is a cracking start for an actor like me who always strives to add variety to the filmography.”

Talking about movies and cinema and the things that should rest in the process of alteration, Bhumi Pednekar says – “I want to see change not just in the kind of films being made but everywhere. Like the gender gap that exists, you know be it our pay scales, be it opportunities. I really hope that kind of reduces and diminishes. We have enough people who are working very hard from both the sexes. So that is definitely going to be my number one thing on my list of wants.”

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Bhumi Pednekar also explains about what is all happening in the Bollywood industry since past.

She says – “I think today actors are a lot more accessible. You seem to know a lot more about them because of social media. And that is how I like it as well, I feel that the audience needs to know me, my fans need to know me. They know what I like, what I don’t like, what my ideology is what my value system is like, that’s is why you can really create a good community, that is something that has definitely changed.”

Bhumi Pednekar further adds and says – “I also feel that we have become a lot more human, there is this human quality attached to stars today which I feel wasn’t there earlier.”

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