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Hrithik Roshan Talks about his divorce claims that it was not due to any infidelity issues

Hrithik Roshan
We now hear the actor Hrithik Roshan coming out with his explanation of his side about the the story in the Kangana Ranaut controversy, which he disclosed during an interview with one of the leading TV channel. We very well know that the stylish actor has announced his  separation from his interior decorator wife Sussanne Roshan in the year 2014 after staying 17 years of his relationship. The day he announced his split, the news spread like wild fire taking the entire Bollywood by storm. Today, when the actor was asked whether the divorce was owing to the Kangana factor, Hrithik Roshan came with total disagreement.
The actor was seen saying no to the same. However, we saw how Sussanne has been so much vocal about this issue said the actor. And we know how the actress has been so vocal. And he then said, he simply feels like laughing at the people. When the people are getting divorced, the actor said that it is not often due to the infidelity issue by the man. That can be called as a very small minded assumption. He then said that he is simply trying to say that there could be a number of other reasons why people would find the reason of getting the separation.
The issue of infidelity is simply one of them claimed the actor. Hence we get to see the general assumption from the people as he is the superstar, he must have committed  something wrong said the actor. And his wife could have caught him, he continued saying about it. The actor then said, this is certainly not the case. He added that the two are good friends and the issue is between both of them. He finally said that the reason why the two decided to live separately may have been an inspiring reason and no one would ever know about it. Well, what do you think of this issue, do let us know by commenting on the same.

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