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Is Hrithik Roshan and Jacqueline Fernandez on a date?


The world inside Bollywood is simply amazing as one can find loads of things happening here. From controversy to a number of other things, the industry is packed with these things. Now we hear something cooking between Hrithik Roshan and Jacqueline Fernandez especially when the two had danced together on her recently released movie A Flying Jatt track called Beat Pe Booty.

The two are now seen together in a video for a global brand campaign, while conceived & shot by Sahil Sangha and the dynamic video has the dynamic duo that is seen grooving and even carrying out the action sequence while seen on going for the song called date gone wrong.

Sahil who happens to be the husband of actress Dia Mirza is a part of this campaign and is the one responsible in roping in Hrithik Roshan for the same. He informed that Hrithik has high standards of dance which Jacqueline was able to match with every step he performed. Despite the stylish actor having some problem in his thigh, he managed to dance with the pain.

The two have been together at various junctures, which make the rumor mills suggest that there is something cooking between Hrithik and Jacqueline. The video of the two would be launched on 21st November in Dubai while Sahil indicated that he would love to do a film with them since they share a great chemistry between themselves.

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