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How Twinkle Mukherjee has been living a lifestyle of a millionaire

Twinkle Mukherjee

If you love to see the luxurious lifestyle on social media, then most possibly you are already following a certain girl Twinkle Mukerjee AKA @twinkleintrendz on Instagram. She is the face of luxury lifestyle worldwide. Whenever any millennial would notice her social media, they would find her wearing stylish clothes and strikingly expensive handbags and shoes.
On top of that, the background where she is seen flashing her style and goodies worth a few lacs are mostly plush five-star hotel suites or premises.

Her Instagram gallery and Facebook reflect a high-end lifestyle with her expensive designer brand collections, luxury cars and exotic vacations at super luxurious five-star hotel suites. This possibly makes people wonder how she finds all these things affordable?!

Twinkle Mukherjee describes herself as a qualified software engineer in her blog. She was fond of sports and after earning her engineering degree, she joined a news channel as a sports journalist. She calls herself a person driven by passion and she describes how her passion for sports made her turn down the job of a software developer in a multi-national company to pursue a career in the field of sports. She goes on to talk about how stubborn she has always been to fulfill her dreams and how passionate she has always been about entrepreneurship.

She worked as a manager of many celebrity sportspersons and she revealed how her stint as a social media manager of celebrity athletes helped her understand the significance of social media. Her short and crisp self-introduction is a reflection of her characteristics. She has always been a go-getter, a person who’s ready to face challenges to chase her dreams. Unlike other engineering graduates of her age, she was never afraid to take risks to achieve extraordinary feats. Her observation was prudent, vision was futuristic and she had the hunger to achieve great heights.

She assumed how pivotal role online media and social media would play at a time when it was called ‘new age media’ and she fuelled her passion into it. Being known as a fashionista since her college days, she started sharing her daily outfits on Instagram as a style diary. For the teens and tweens who wanted to have a regular guide, she formed a blog website. It was a space to share her fashion tips and soon it became a hotspot for young fashion lovers to visit, read and engage. She took a small step out of passion which was widely appreciated and her readers and social media followers started growing more and more. Soon, brands wanted her to be their face and she started becoming the ambassador for many international brands. So, she started getting paid for something that we all love to do – getting dressed up.

She turned what is otherwise considered a hobby a way to make living and slowly it became a pathbreaking idea for luxurious living.

She and her young brother who she calls her business partner and photographer currently own two luxury cars BMW and Range Rover. She is a proud collector of the most expensive designer brands in the world. Brands like Hermès, Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, Chloé, Givenchy, Dior, Armani, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, etc are stacked up in her wardrobe. She’s found in the exotic islands and posh cities vacationing like a queen. If we consider her present life, it’s the reward for creating a business that reflected her true passion. It’s a reward for daring to give hobby a chance and running it while putting her heart and soul into it. Her way of living life defines dream life and demonstrates fulfillment. Maybe that’s the reason the young millennials follow her, admire her and wish to be someone like her. It’s not about living a materialistic life. It’s about doing something that one truly loves and feels passionate about and doing it in a way that becomes remarkable.

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