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How Salman Khan reacted when social media viral guy danced before the superstar?

Dancing Uncle - Sanjeev Shrivastava
Dancing Uncle – Sanjeev Shrivastava

It was just a week when we saw a professor called Sanjeev Shrivastav or a dancing uncle doing wonders over the social media when his dance video made him a dancing star overnight. He was noticed by the B Town stars like anything including even the actor Govinda whom he calls the star as his fan. It did not take much time to see the video reaching to Salman Khan and he called this man with his family at his show called Dus Ka Dum wherein he danced again before the superstar over his reality show. One more video went viral of this man when he danced before the superstar which even impressed him.

In fact, as you check the other video which is becoming viral in the media, where we can see the actor just enjoying his dance over his show. In fact, Salman was seen laughing and enjoying his dance over the popular song called Aap Ke Aajane Se a song from one of the movies having Govinda in the lead roles. We know this man now as a dancer at heart who is a professor in College based in Pune and has been blessed with two sons. His passion for dance for Govinda movies have been known in the college and his circles and he has always helped his students to dance well on the stage during their college festival programmes.
He then went on to share some of the photos with Salman Khan and his family having his two sons and his wife. He then titled the pictures stating his family and him with Salman Khan with proper tags using Das Ka Dum and Salman Khan as well that makes him again viral over the social media. Earlier the song that made him dance was during his brother in law’s sangeet ceremony. Since his dance going viral over the social media, we have seen Sanjeev getting even the film offers along with the chance of meeting a few stars that include the Bollywood actor called Suniel Shetty. After meeting Shetty , he was simply elated. So, what do you think about this video do let us know how did you find it by commenting on the same.
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