How leisure interests pave the way to windows of opportunities, explicates Ahmed Alawadhi

Ahmed Alawadhi
Ahmed Alawadhi

Ahmed Alawadhi is the prodigal real-estate talent with the soaring exposure to the market of 17+ years. At a young age, Alawadhi manages the presidentship and steers AM properties in the US and Silverline real estate in Dubai, both being major-league firms. With dual degrees, a bachelor in International Business And Marketing and a Masters’s degree in Business Management from the top-grade universities, and striking negotiation and leadership skills, Alawadhi is often termed as an explorer of markets.

With a knack for the market trends, Alawadhi procured grandeur for his ability to grasp the trends and the latent opportunities, and himself creating an untold number of opportunities. Chiseling out opportunities in the markets of Michigan, Dubai, Minsk-Belarus, and Montenegro and many others, Alawadhi has become the leading facets of real estate. The unstated fact that has dragged Ahmed to the limelight is that he discovered the markets out of his leisure activities.

Alawadhi has developed a fondness towards traveling, his ventures leading to newer opportunities. An excursionist, despite being the prime mover of two firms, Alawadhi has grasped the attention and has been chaperoning the newbies, exhibiting the recreational and leisure aspect of his life. A top reviewer, among the 1% on “tripadvisor”, Ahmed has a strong base of 150,000 people relying on his critical judgment and reviews. His annual favorites, Cannes, Monaco, and Saint-Tropez, in the French Riviera, and a few others have led him to acquire plenty of exposure through novel market strategies he procured on his ventures.

A photographer as well, he never lets go of an opportunity to learn, steering him to learn newer aspects with swiftness.

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