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How Le Mariage executed the world’s best wedding in history

 world's best wedding

The wedding of business empire heirs; Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta which took place in Mumbai, India, in March 2019 has largely been described as the world’s biggest wedding in history. The wedding, according to an Indian write, “ would put a Bollywood fairy-tale romp by the likes of director Karan Johar to shame.”

Spread over three days, the bustling metropolis of Mumbai was transformed into a party zone as influential guests from around the world and Bollywood megastars took to the streets to celebrate the latest Ambani nuptials. If you are keen to know how the rich and the famous celebrate weddings in India, the Ambani family is a good place to start. For some, all of it may be a vulgar display of wealth, but for others it’s an opportunity to see how the rich and famous celebrate their special occasions.

If the wedding itself was a spectacle of sheer opulence only unimaginable wealth could bring to life, the guests list was just as intimidating. Even former Prime Minister of Britain, Tony was on the guest list.

It was a wedding only magic could have made happened and Ghayad Mohamad’s Le Mariage played a huge role in putting it together. It was a pleasure for Le Mariage to take part in creating such spectacular event in collaboration with the worlds’ best professionals of the wedding industry.

“Together, we brought all of our visions into life and created something that has never been done before. Large space of over 18000 square meter was built specifically for this occasion to host around 15000 guests including a number of celebrities from all around the world. Our big team of architects and designers worked intensively in order to create unforgettable, unique and astonishing designs. It took 35 days to execute and completely transform three large ballrooms that each had different theme, layout and decorations,” says a Le Mariage spokesperson

Le Mariage has designed and executed weddings for many other royal family in Asia and is fast becoming a reference point in wedding designs and architecture.

“Working with royal families requires you to be professional in your work in order to meet their high expectations. Also, it is important to have excellent communication skills to treat royal families accordingly. Le Mariage always brings different and unique ideas for each wedding design they create,” says Ghayad Mohamad.



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