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How Bollywood Stars reacted over Nepal Earthquake Tragedy?

Bollywood.-stars reactions for Nepal earthquake

Indeed the Nepal Earthquake is one of the biggest disasters of 2015. The tragedy shook the world and people concerning life and massive loss took different media to react and even contribute for the losses incurred by the high intensity earthquake. This certainly includes our Indian Film Industry commonly called Bollywood. In fact, this tragedy has simply sparked an outpouring of sympathy from Bollywood. The community, which is really very much close to Nepal both culturally and geographically, was the first one to react about the disaster.

The most common place was Twitter, wherein loads of Bollywood stars took all their time to express their hopes and fears. The very first one to react was the King of Bollywood- Shah Rukh Khan, who gave an emotional and practical kind or response. Staring with prayer for the victims’ well being to sharing emergency contact numbers for Nepal, he shared his views on an emotional note. The megastar – Amitab Bachchan tweeted that his sympathies and prayers are for the victims in Nepal. Please note that Big B has done one film in Nepal in 1983 called Mahan.

The next to react about the Nepal disaster was Soha Ali Khan wherein she shared her sympathy and prayers for the victims, while similar lines were from the evergreen star Madhuri Dixit. There are number of Bollywood names, who all felt the tremors of the 7.9 degree earthquake that struck in the morning local time. The Handsome Hunk of Bollywood Arjun Rampal called these tremors is freaky, which shook him. Many people in Agra, Chandigarh and Gurgaon felt the tremors. Big B was seen writing about the same in his blog as well wherein he paid homage for losing some great heritage value buildings.

In fact, the list of Bollywood actors is long who all prayed for the victims and their losses by the 7.9 degree earthquake. These include Jackky Bhagnani, Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and even the former porn star and Ek Paheli Leela actress – Sunny Leone too shared her grievance. In fact, Jackky Bhagnani’s family was there in Nepal, hence he was also seen praying for everyone’s safety.

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