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House Of Khalsa: The brand made with History, Honour & Heritage

Khalsa 1699 launched in mid-2020 and just over a few years, the brand has established its name across the globe in various countries as World’s First Luxurious Watch Brand driven by spirituality. At the heart of the House of Khalsa lies a connection to spirit and culture, a symbol of the resilience and warrior-like status of the Sikh people.

While launching the brand amid the pandemic, Mr. Danny Singh, the Founder & CEO of House Of Khalsa, asked Vijender Singh to model for the brand. Vijender Singh is an Olympic Boxer from India. Back in the pandemic days, Vijender Singh stood up for the farmers of Punjab who were protesting. This movement led Mr. Danny to DM the boxer as he was proud of him. Mr. Danny wanted to make Vijender the brand’s face as he suited the brand’s vision. KHALSA means ‘PURE.’ Vijender showed his purity through his heroic actions and took a stand for the helpless. Vijender gladly accepted the offer and became House Of Khalsa’s first brand ambassador by showing his utmost respect to the community. Vijender modeled for the Australian company & the world’s first ‘SINGH’ collection.

Aaveera Singh Masson & SWISS KAUR Watch - Khalsa 1699
Aaveera Singh Masson & SWISS KAUR Watch – Khalsa 1699

House Of Khalsa has launched legendary collections like Singh, Heritage, Ocean Lion, etc. Every collection is different and has a deep spiritual meaning. The latest collection is named ‘KAUR’ which means Princess. To showcase the beauty & essence of the ‘KAUR’ collection, the company signed Aaveera Singh Masson as their new face.

Mr. Danny Singh commented, “We started in the depths of the pandemic as a tribute brand to the martial heritage and legacy of the KHALSA. A tribute to SHRI Guru Gobind Singh Ji who fought and sacrificed everything for all Indians. A true son of Bharat. The faces who join us like Vijender Singh, Sandeep Singh, and Aaveera Singh Masson, are all organic and unforced connections who instantly loved the brand and felt an affinity that words sometime can’t describe. The KHALSA brand rise was definite from the genesis of the brand. The rise of this brand is for everyone who loved it and for all of those who doubted us.”

Mr. Danny describes the brand’s essence that has the roar of the universal lion and the touch of God himself. In the future, the brand looks forward to more organic attraction and connecting with more people who would want to be the face of the brand.

Watch Khalsa 1699 Video on Youtube:

Watch Khalsa 1699 Video on Vimeo:

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