Hotelier Rishiraj Singh Sehgal ensures safety over business amidst the COVID-19 crisis

sizzlingelier Rishiraj Singh Sehgal

India’s hospitality industry is among the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with severe business disruptions due to prolonged lockdowns.

The lockdowns, social distancing, stay-at-home orders, travel and mobility restrictions have resulted in a temporary closure of many hospitality businesses and significantly decreased the demand for businesses.

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Rishiraj Singh Sehgal a well-established entrepreneur who started his career by venturing into the hospitality industry is currently witnessing the transition in the business ever since the beginning of the crisis. He says, “The situation right now is not right and we must find an alternative to deal with the crisis”.

A proud owner of Mumbai’s famous Sardaarji restaurant in Bandra, Rishiraj Singh Sehgal is making sure to put safety above all. Talking about the current scenario and business, he says, “The hospitality industry players are suffering big time due to the pandemic. But what’s important here is the safety of people around you. Right from the family members to the people who work with you, everyone needs to be safe. The business has been shut totally since the beginning of the COVID and we are only planning to be back once this ends”.

He further adds, “I am currently investing all my time into strategising new ways to cope up with the situation and plan out things for the business. Also, trying my hands on various other business opportunities and hopefully shall find something soon”.

Having an ambitious mindset has always helped Rishiraj. Apart from acing his act in the hospitality business, Rishiraj is also into Cybersecurity, Nightlife, Luxury & lifestyle.

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