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Hotel Beautifool is based on famous comedy Hindi play ‘Baat Baat Mein Bigdey Haalaat’.

sizzlingel beautifool
“Play is written in different manner, but when we adapt it for screen, it’s written from the cinematographic point of view. It’s more about visualization. In the movie, we have shown a hotel on ocean front with typical Goa backdrop, that can only be shown in cinema. Stage is more symbolic than visual. Adaption from a play to screens is very interesting and Sameer has done a brilliant job”, Says Brijendra Kala about his upcoming comedy flick “sizzlingel Beautifool”
Brijendra Kala began his acting career with “Haasil” and later shot to fame by portraying a small time journalist in Paan Singh Tomar and now will be seen in a significant role in “sizzlingel Beautifool”.
“I am playing the same character which I portrayed in the play. I had a long discussion with Sameer and we finalized that I should play what I have played before. This role suits me perfectly. I am playing Pedro” Says Brijendra.
“Working with Johnny Bhai was an experience in itself. He is a legend and he is grounded, disciplined and got this impeccable comic timing” Says Brijendra.
“We both worked on our comic timing, mode and other valuable acting tips and experiences. He is light and a humble kind of person. And every actor loves working with him” Brijendra further adds.
“The film is about a hotel, two guys own the place, me and Johnny bhai, and we both are a little simpleton or you can say fool in the movie. Our hotel was once famous, but due to circumstances it’s in dire state and our struggle is to take it back to its glory days” Says Brijendra.
“My Character name is PK, Pedro Kumar. He is a drunkard and constantly fights with Johnny Lever, because he thinks, Johnny’s grandmother tricked my grandfather into giving them majority of hotel share and I am left with only 10%. So it’s a constant battle to win it back” says Brijendra about the movie and his role.
“I have this tattoo on my neck, saying PK, and every time I get angry with someone, I’d say, what you looking at my face, look at my neck, my name is PK” says Brijendra laughingly.
“Imam Siddique is a unique guy. He has his own style and personality. We all loved working with him, and he gave this “Antakshri” game bug to everyone on set. He is an amazing guy” Says Brijendra.
Film stars Rejith Menon, Imam Siddique, Rohit Khurana, Johnny Lever, Alisha Farrer and Brijendra Kala.
Film is directed by Sameer Iqbal Patel, to be jointly produced by Madhire Ravinder Reddy and Mohammed Aslam Shaikh under the banner of Madhire Film Corporation and Umbrella Film Corporation.The movie to be tentatively released in April 2015.

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