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Host Salman Khan gives a reality check to the non-VIP contestants, “You’ll don’t stand a chance”, on COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’

The comeback of previous seasons’ players has marked an exciting new inning on COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’! The game has been turned upside down as the house brought back some of the fiercest former competitors of this show. This ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, the Dabangg host Salman Khan welcomes the wild card entries, before giving the remaining housemates a lesson to remember! The ‘Wild Card’ contestants have been made VIPs, while the rest of them remain in the non-VIP slot.

“Aap logon ko jagane ke liye humein pichhle season ke contestants laane pade,” Salman fumes at the non-VIPs. He blasts them for not playing the game seriously and remaining clueless from the beginning. “Yahaan par mujhe ek winner dikhaai nahi deta! Yeh jo season hai, sab ke sab jhhoote aur false dikhaai de rahe hain,” he lashes out at them.

Tejasswi tries to defend everyone, but Salman simply tells them, “You guys do not stand a chance!” Under Salman’s supervision, all the VIP’s have to choose the contestant they want to show the mirror to by pouring mud all over them. Devoleena hits out at Tejasswi for not having any game apart from her tightness with Karan. On the other hand, both Rashami and Rakhi pick on Karan for losing his focus in the game after getting involved with Tejasswi. Rakhi reveals how she thought he would emerge as the winner before Tejasswi completely diverts his attention. Salman agrees with her by taunting him, “Aisa lag raha hai tum chhutti mana rahe ho. Kya ho gaya hai Karan? Ishq mein nikamma?”

The task continues as Devoleena corners Shamita for being two-faced. “Shamita, aap galti karte ho toh accept karo. Wahan pe aap bohot baar dogle bhi dikhte ho!” This infuriates Shamita and she confronts Devoleena, leading to another big fight. Salman asks Devoleena why she called Shamita ‘dogla’, to which she points out at how Shamita has been covering herself up for the fear of being judged. “Wahan pe mujhe unka doglapan dikhta hai”, she tells Salman. Shamita can’t bear this insult and breaks down in tears.

Salman also welcomes Ravi Kishan and Ravi Dubey on stage as they introduce their new web series Matsyakand. The two have a fun banter with Salman as they play an exciting game of charades with Salman before joining the contestants. Both enter the BIGG BOSS house with a task for the housemates to name their fellow contestants as per their appropriate category. Shamita promptly calls Devoleena as the person who shouldn’t be taken seriously for judging her too soon. At the same time, Umar believes Rakhi’s husband Ritesh is the contender who cannot take a stand. Ritesh gives him a witty reply that leaves everyone in splits!

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