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Hina Khan remembers Cannes Festival a year ago; there was controversy

Hina Khan took part in the Cannes Film Festival about a year ago and created a lot of limelight. During this time there was also a dispute. A magazine journalist commented Chandivali Studio Wali for her, the whole industry stood up with Hina.

Hina Khan beautifully expresses her entire journey in a beautiful video series! Putting together video for her stunning voice that captures some of her best ‘Cannes’ moments, along with providing a stunning voiceover, Hina told it the experience of a lifetime!

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Nothing can be something if it is not acknowledged for what it’s worth. So, in a way the worth of everything is dependent on the recognition of it. I tried my best in every role I played, every character, every thing I do to break the path, to break the stereotypes, to break the so called norms and to break the barriers of possibilities. And will keep on doing so as long as I walk on this planet. But, I can never have done or achieved anything without the acknowledgement and recognition of my work and my attempts. You out there ! You made it possible! You walked along with me. You accepted the Change wholeheartedly, you embraced my risks lovingly and you inspired me to keep doing it. And I promise to continue…just like the day I walked for my first audition.. just like the day I walked a year back in Cannes .. I will keep walking .. I will continue… ??

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As she rightly says, “Nothing can happen if it is not accepted which is worth it”! And that whatever she has achieved today will not be possible without acknowledgment or recognition of hiser work!

Hina’s words and her way of expressing this lovely journey have been just beautifully laid out by her, taking us all back to that wonderful 2019 Cannes trip!

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