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Hey Ram Humne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya Movie Review

Hey Ram Humne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya

A Niche film that portrays the moot message of Non-Violence as perceived by Gandhi

Director – Naeem Siddiqui

Star Cast – Jatin Goswami, Samiksha Bhatnagar, Subrat Dutta, Pratimma Kannan and Utkarshika Yadav

Genre – Historical Drama

Production Company – Indian Film Studio

Rating – 2.5


The film as said happens to be historical drama made at the backdrop of the late fifties.  The film revolves around the lives of two people who are seen with opposite ideals who meet in a train journey way back in 1948 which was just the two days before the assassination of the Mahatma Gandhi. It showcases the impact of the events carried out after the Independence of the country besides spreading the message of non-violence.  So, how it goes would be interesting to explore.


As the makers declared that the film marks the 70th dearth anniversary of the man who gave his life, the film talks much about the ideologies of Gandhi in a soothing fashion to make. However, the way the film has implemented seems to be confusing and tend to become monotonous and boring. So when the makers claim that the film addresses the current social and political issues and they want to address the way Gandhi could have addressed, it becomes hopeful and lively to some extent but in terms of story and content, there is not much to deliver in terms of entertainment and fun.

Now talking about the performances of the actors in the film, it went on smooth particularly of the lead actors including Jatin Goswami and Sameeksha Bhatnagar, whereas the other actors Subrat Dutta and Pratima Kazmi too had decent jobs as well. Now talking about the other aspects of the film one can call the other elements going with a decent note. These include both the technical and other aspects of the film. Well the fact is the filmmaking of the film has gone in a decent note, while the elements like music, screenplay, locations, VFX effects and editing too went on a smoother note.

Hey Ram Humne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya – The Last Word

All we can call the film ‘Hey Ram Humne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya’ to be among the niche movie, which would be liked only by the people who have the inclination towards this subject. Technically speaking the film is okay and can be a perfect watch if you happen to be a Gandhian.

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