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Hero Trailer Review: Will it add a Sheen to a faded love Story?

hero-movie-trailer review

After giving the first glimpse of the film Hero in the media, the filmmakers (Salman Khan) has finally embarked with the trailer of Sooraj Pancholi & Athiya Shetty starrer film Hero is back making another wave. The film is the remake of the 1983 classic film Hero by Subhash Ghai, which will be the debut film for both the lead stars. As you begin with the trailer, you catch the black and white montage of scenes. The novices in B Town are seen sharing their crackling chemistry in the form of an intense love story wherein a girl brought forth as captive turns lover of a man who has kidnapped her. The story line is the same unlike witnessed three decades before.

Hero Trailer at a Glance

Invariably, Aathiya Shetty looks stunning far much better than the original heroine of the classic Meenakshi Sheshadri who said the infamous dialogue Pyar Karne Wale Kabhi Darte Nahi, Jo Darte Hai Who Pyar Karte Nahi. You find the same couplet in the film coming from the lips of the young defiant lover girl in the new version of Hero from Nikhil Advani. His film seems much better than the original, it has all the typical elements of Bollywood masala film.

The high-octane action, the intense love story of the rebel girl with the kidnapper boy seen in defiant energy than brooding intensity seem incredible in the film, making it better than the classic of 1983 to some extent. On the other side, you had Jackie Shroff who appeared like a wounded tiger in the 1983 Hero, which is not the case with Sooraj as after three decades he is the provoked lion over the prowl who is filled with loads of angst and scorn for the police establishment and state.

Hero Trailer – Analysis

Digging deep, the film is very much irreverent sassy and alluring interpretation of Subhash Ghai’s original Hero. You can find loads of restlessness and impatience in the new Hero, which to an extent symbolizes the modern age Hero seen in zero tolerance for convention. Both Sooraj and Athiya are not seen made for each other and thus make the trailer quick breathless giving an impression whether the couple will work over the silver screen or not. However, Nikhil Advani is smart enough to accentuate the two different personalities seen between two young people who are in love without allowing to let their disparity go on air. You can understand this element more once you catch the entire film.

Hero Trailer Last Word

If you understand the original classic Hero you would certainly know the new age Kishan kidnapping the neo Radha and then takes her away in a snow bed cabin. Well, how would love nurture in such a wilderness is an interesting question. Perhaps this is something new you will find in the Nikhil Advani’s version of Hero. The only challenge one meets while doing a remake is how the present film will lease of life to any faded love tale without actually disturbing the artless soul of the original stuff. That brings out to a big big question whether the new Hero would survive in this age like a parable of forbidden love can only be described once the film hits the theatre.

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