Here’s what Entrepreneur Richa Dave has to say on taking the legacy forward of Jasmine Beauty Care

Makeup and fashion are two different sides of the same coin. Women cannot think about only fashion without makeup or vice-versa. Especially when it is the wedding season, a perfect outfit and makeup go hand in hand. To get the perfect makeover, there comes a need for a professional makeup artist who can give you that dreamy look of your choice. Richa Dave, a professional makeup artist holds an experience of more than a decade and has truly mastered herself as a top-notch makeup artist in India.

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The highly experienced makeup artist has taken forward the legacy set by her mother with their beauty studio named Jasmine Beauty Care in Ahmedabad. Richa who hails from Gujarat is blessed with exceptional makeup skills that she imbibed from her mother, Urvashi Dave a beautician who set up the beauty studio in 1989-1990. Speaking about her commendable work, Richa says, “I am grateful that I have managed to take forward the legacy my mother set with the beauty care services. Nothing makes me happier than taking the work forward with utmost dedication, sincerity and the proper guidance given by my mother all these years.”

Among many other makeup works, Richa has her mastery in bridal makeup, and with her work, she is a go-to name among the top bridal makeup artists in India. Richa Dave just like her mother has built a loyal customer base, and she continues to strive for excellence by bringing innovation with her work. The expansion of the beauty studio saw Richa come up with her cosmetic products called Richa Dave Cosmetics, a venture under Jasmine Beauty Care. With the progression in the work, she feels blessed to be a credible makeup artist and an entrepreneur as well.

As a part of her work, Richa has always ensured to create different trends and give beauty a new meaning. Offering an array of beauty and makeup services, the makeup artist has garnered a lot of clients from the glamour world and the Gujarati film industry. The key expansion of Jasmine Beauty Care has been through the digital media that has disrupted the market over the last few years. The award-winning MUA has rightly utilized social media to make her brand reach a wider audience. The excellence in her work continues and through the advancement of the internet, Richa Dave is helping many amateur makeup artists by conducting online programs and webinars all over India as well as overseas.

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