Here’s All You Need To Know About Krishi Kothari, The Upcoming Travel Influencer

Krishi Kothari

The world of social media has seen innumerable people making their career in it. It is filled with fashion fanatics, travel lovers, fitness enthusiasts who have become known bloggers and influencers today. Today, people have understood the true meaning of smart work rather than hard work. Krishi Kothari is the latest name to join the blogger’s bandwagon. She is complete social media savvy and a nomad who loves to travel from one place to another. A travel junkie, she can ditch anything to hop from one destination to another.

It is rare to see people make a career out of travelling and get paid while being on vacation. Krishi is an upcoming name who is all set to start with her own blog. “Travelling makes me happiest. I can’t stay in one place. Every journey teaches you something and it is a different experience. I have been travelling since the age of 10 and I always thought to share my experiences with people out there. I am glad it is finally happening. With my blog, I will also start with my own YouTube channel”, Krishi said. When asked if there are any blog names in her mind, she said that she has thought of multiple names including ‘Krishi’s Travel Diary’, ‘Travel With Krishi’ and ‘That Wanderlust Girl’.

“I am really excited and will shortlist a name for my blog soon”, she added. While talking about how her parents reacted to her decision of becoming a blogger, Krishi revealed that it was difficult for her to convince them. Her mother wanted to see her become a doctor, but her love for travel saw her become a blogger. We wish Krishi Kothari all the luck for her blogging journey and we hope that she makes a name for herself in this vast industry.

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