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Hera Pheri 4: The film hits the floor with Sanjay Dutt As A ‘Blind’ Villain?

Hera Pheri 4 is an upcoming Bollywood movie that has been making headlines for quite some time now. The fourth installment of the Hera Pheri franchise will feature Akshay Kumar and his team facing off against Sanjay Dutt, who is set to play the role of a blind villain. The movie is expected to be a comedy with a dash of action and drama.

Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt have shared screen space in several movies before, and their chemistry on-screen has always been appreciated by the audience. The duo was last seen together in the 2012 movie “Son of Sardaar.” However, in Hera Pheri 4, they will be on opposite sides, with Sanjay Dutt playing the role of the main antagonist.

According to reports, Sanjay Dutt’s character in Hera Pheri 4 will be blind, which is an interesting twist to the typical villainous character. It will be interesting to see how the director, Indra Kumar, portrays Sanjay Dutt’s character in the movie. The role of a blind villain is challenging, and it requires a lot of skill and finesse to pull it off convincingly. Sanjay Dutt is a talented actor, and he has proven his mettle time and again. It will be exciting to see how he brings his character to life on the big screen.

Apart from Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt, the movie will also feature Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal, who were also a part of the previous installments of the Hera Pheri franchise. The trio has a great on-screen chemistry, and their comic timing is impeccable. Fans of the franchise are eagerly waiting to see them together once again.

In conclusion, Hera Pheri 4 is a highly anticipated movie that promises to be a complete entertainer. The movie will bring back the iconic trio of Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal, and add a new twist with Sanjay Dutt’s character as a blind villain. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds and how the characters interact with each other. Fans are eagerly waiting for the movie to hit the theaters, and it is expected to be a box-office success.

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