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Hema Malini Goes Harsh on Twitter over Pratyusha Banerjee’s sensational suicide

The Dream Girl of B Town Hema Malini has been silent over the sensational suicide case of Pratyusha Banerjee, which seems to be blanketing the entire episode. The actress simply went on the microblogging site – Twitter to slam the act of killing herself by the actress recently. The dream girl of Bollywood and BJP MP was rather rude in her tweets when she said she had a senseless suicide that will give you nothing she called life to be the best gift of God and no one would get anything out of it.

In her another tweet, she asked such people to fight such situations with bravery and strength rather than giving up.  One must learn in order to avoid all the odds and emerges as successful rather than coming under pressure giving away the previous life. She then was seen alleging the media that they often keen on hunting such news and make it sensational and at the end they simply forget the same. At such junctures, when the suicide case of the actress is taking twists and turns, what does such tweets really mean at such junctures.

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