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Hema Malini Car Accident Victims : Demands for 20 Lakhs compensation

Hema Malini – A name for the readers but is something really dreamy for many youngsters and last but not the least a hatred name for the victims in the accident. I know what you’re thinking then let’s have a quick overview on the same. It’s hardly been some couple of days soon after the actress or often named as MP of BJP none other than ‘Hema Malini’s’ accident flame was about to vanish from the town, but believe me guys it seems like it’s impossible right now and even if it is so then I can bet the victims pain won’t let the flame easily vanish from all over the town. I know we all do need some justification for anything isn’t so let’s have a look on the same.

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If some of you might remember then the painful accident took place in a small town named ‘Dausa’ in Jaipur wherein, a small child lost his life and his parents were rolling all over the town for justice. But, does anyone of you have ever thought that, this innocence would take a turn which will lead to demand money? Of course not isn’t? But by breaking the silence of pain, a father who’s earning just few bucks with his bicycle shop, named Hanuman Sahai have demanded for two million rupees – As per the sources.

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