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‘He has been and will always be my Hero No 1’, says Krushna Abhishek about his mama Govinda

Recently in an interview, comedy star Krushna Abhishek opened up on his equation with maternal uncle Govinda and said that he still considers him as his Hero No 1 and he even said that they would be back together.

Speaking with Indian Express, Krushna said, “These things keep happening in the family, and I am sure it will all be sorted out soon.”
He also said that for him Govinda has always been and will always be his Hero No 1. The comedy star wishes to see Govinda back to films gets back to the superstardom that he enjoyed.

Several times, Krushna has been taunted saying that he makes such a statement just for publicity. To this Krushna said, “Why will I need publicity like this? I don’t need this. And Govinda mama is a bigger star than me. We don’t need such controversies in our lives. It will only do us more harm. Sometimes things go out of our control. I will accept that a few of his statements hurt me, and I even got angry. I responded to that and it becomes news and this goes on hampering our relationship. However, I must add that I am like his own son. I might get upset over some things but we will always be family.”

To the unversed, Krushna Abhishek and Govinda feud came to the limelight when Krushna refused to shoot The Kapil Sharma Show when Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja were the guests for the day. Since then the cold war began and gave a new angle everytime.

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