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HBD Taapsee Pannu: Pink to Thappad actress’ outstanding on-screen performances so far!

Taapsee Pannu turned a year older! Today, August 1st, the actress is celebrating her birthday. Taapsee never disappoints when it comes to giving standout performances. Pannu’s filmography is extensive and diverse, spanning several different languages, and includes roles ranging from a murder suspect with a shaky alibi to a seductress who will do anything to gain the man of her dreams. The actor has performed in both mainstream films and critically praised parts that best showcase her natural acting abilities. Here are some of her most recognizable roles in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu movies throughout the years.

On her special day, let us take a look at some strongest on-screen performances of Taapsee Pannu.

1) Pink

While Taapsee made her official Bollywood debut in David Dhawan’s Chashme Baddoor (2013), it was her portrayal of a courtroom drama with Amitabh Bachchan in 2016 that made audiences sit up and take notice of her exceptional acting abilities. She portrays Meenal, one of three women who attempt to bring a lawsuit against the son of a prominent politician, in the film. Meenal had to protect herself by beating the politician’s kid in the head with a glass bottle during what was intended to be a pleasant night out with friends but instead turned into a nightmare. Top critics took notice of Pannu’s seamless performance and ability to stand out against a powerful actor like Bachchan.

2) Mulk 

Thappad was not the first time Pannu and Anubhav Sinha worked together successfully on an important success. Mulk, an intense courtroom drama in which the actor plays a Hindu lawyer defending her Muslim father-in-law (Rishi Kapoor) against claims that he has ties to a terrorist organization, tackled Islamophobia in India. They rapidly realize that they are up against a system that is rooted in racial prejudice despite the fact that they are unquestionably innocent. Mulk became a stirring examination of divisive communal politics because of Pannu’s performance as the tough and courageous lawyer, which balanced Kapoor’s reserved performance.

3) Manmarziyaan

Taapsee Pannu was unquestionably the ideal leading lady for Anurag Kashyap’s romantic comedies. In the role of an outlandish heroine who was unrepentant in her determination and refusal to accept defeat, the actor shone. A remarkable soundtrack supports the narrative, which centers on three characters caught up in a complicated love triangle against the backdrop of Amritsar.

4) Thappad 

With this Anubhav Sinha movie, Taapsee solidified her status as one of Bollywood’s most reliable and marketable performers. In the movie, she portrays a young housewife who marries an upper-middle-class family. Her days go by in peaceful monotony until one fateful evening when her husband slaps her in the middle of a house party in front of their guests in order to vent his aggravation at not getting a work promotion. The slap starts her on the path to independence by jarring her awake to all the microaggressions she had been letting pass by. Critics praised the film universally, saying that Pannu gave her strongest and most compelling performance to date.

5) Game Over 

In this psychological thriller, the star once again displayed her flexibility as a performer. She performs the role of Swapna, a PTSD-afflicted video game designer who works from home. When a serial murderer breaks into her home and compels her to play the ultimate game of survival, she carefully guarded existence is turned upside down.

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