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Having Plan A and Figuring out Plan B possible failure – Jay Mula

Jay Mula

Jay mula was brought up the traditional way of family values. He is hardworking dedicated to to his family and close friends, he always dreamed of a way to get out of the struggles by his talent.

Jay had the mindset and was taught to go to school, “knowledge is power” and work at what ever your passion desire. He stayed focus at that and without the influence of drinking and smoking that gave him an edge over other young guys who just talks about having a career vs putting in the hard work.

He was well on his way to becoming a working class individual, In fact, he already was! At a young age, Jay became a tattoo Model and a personal Stylish for Artist for their music Videos and appearances. From that he grew a passion for fashion, from seeing displays out front of clothing stores and putting ideas together. It gave him his authentic sense of style which he now displays as a fashion model and Rapper.

From that point on Jay knew he will take the industry by storm from applying those little set of rules, staying focus and persistent.. His motivation and drive from his fans and artist wanting to collaborate with him have him a ready big edge.

Jay always suggests creating a vision board. That will by far increase your chance at success.
Having plan A and figuring out plan B for possible failure

Having a time line in place also sets the bar high where you feel the motivation to work at it. It’s a reverse physiological making people feel the pressure to get they goals done.
Which lead to Jay Mula and artist Mr Cheeks from the Legendary group “Lost Boyz” connect and make magic. Jay was discovered by him when one of his songs was remixed and Mr Cheeks caught wind of it. His goals is to top charts and keep his fans on the lookout for what he has in store. He is currently working on new projects which in 2020 will be revealed.

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